Welcome to Dahlbergsgården
Dahlbergsgården In 1826 Jakob Johansson and his wife built the second house in Bastutjärn. The house later on got the name "Dahlbergsgården" and people lived in it until the year of 1979. In 1985 when the foundation Dahlbergsgården was started, the house was opened for the public. Everything has been saved the way it was before, and everything has been used there. A lot of the objects are homemade. You can find a lot of different things there, hunting-traps, stuffed wild animals and old kitchen-objects.
Dahlbergsgården is not an ordinary museum, the old atmosphere is still there and it almost feels like the people who lived there only have taken a walk for a moment. The house really shows how life was for the four generations who lived in the house.
A lot of people come to Dahlbergsgården to listen to stories about the will-known and loved man, Moses Dahlberg (1863-1955). He knew a lot, in a lot of areas. He knew how to cure animals, he knew a great deal about wild flowers, even though he hadn't gone to school that much. The things he used for curing animals (and even people), you can find at Dahlbergsgården.
One of the most famous things in the house is the old pipe organ, built in 1879 by Petter Alm. He was only 21 years old and this was the first organ he built on his own. The organ is very beautiful to look at, and it has a beautiful sound. If you want to, you can try playing it!
Visit Dahlbergsgården! Take a step back in time and spend a moment in a calm and relaxing environment. Have some coffee (with home-made bread) in Hedda's old kitchen or have a seat in the garden and watch the beautiful view. If you visit Dahlbergsgården, you will get a look into the old times. You won't regret your visit! The County Administration declared Dahlbergsgården a cultural heritage on mars 17 2003!